Event Ordering


Event Ordering Event Ordering Event Ordering

This application is prepared by Çağlar ÖZDOLAP, teacher of I.C.T(Information and Communication Technologies), and translated by Fatma DUMAN, teacher of English, for the students who need special education.
It’s also can be used in pre-school.

This programme is designed so that students can use it with the help of their teachers or parents.

The Aim Of The Programme: To enable the student (who needs special education) to order the events respectively by using the photos which belongs to him or herself and also to understand cause-effect relationship with having fun.


Inadequancy Types Which The Programme Is Associated With:
Mental Disability
Pervasive Developmental Disorder

The skills that is supposed to be useful about the programme;
Understanding The Relation Between Cause-Effect
Ordering Skills
Language and Speaking Skills
Logical Thinking
Math Skills
Keeping Attention
Role Play

It gives a chance to teachers or parents to be able to use unlimited visuals simultaneously and also to be able to create lots of educational materials as many as the teachers/parents want to do removing the limits of usual ordering cards.

The programme saved from being monotone by giving feedback with different random sentences in advance when the student gives right or wrong answer.

The programme can also used with hand-drawings instead of real photos, visuals from story books.

Numbers can also be ordered.

Before or after ordering photos added to programme, teacher or parent wants student to talk about the events related to photos so that student’s communication skills can develop. The roleplay skills and social bond between teacher/parent and student gets stronger while photos are taken.

It also develops student’s ‘time concept’.

Key Words: Mentally Disabled People, Disabled People, Disability, The Deaf, Special Education